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Witchcraft, What’s in a Name?


I’d like to thank the people (a surprising number, actually) who contacted me privately through various social media avenues about my comments on Wicca. In my first post, I mentioned that perhaps I had stretched the limits of the definition of Wicca too far to continue to call myself a Wiccan. Everyone that wrote to me challenged that thought (in a good way) and said that as a solitary practitioner, if being Wiccan was important to me, there was no reason that you couldn’t be Wiccan and be a cottage witch. I was reminded that we all celebrate the Wiccan path in varying ways, and each of us determines for ourselves what aspects of the path are particularly important to us.

I was really touched that people took the time out of their day to write me. Since these were private messages, I will respect the privacy of the correspondence, but you know who you are.

I think sometimes we all get caught up on labels, and I think that happens a lot in the Pagan and witchcraft “communities.” I believe that happens because there are so many different paths within Paganism & witchcraft, and we try to give others an idea where we stand as far as our particular path.

Over my 12 years in Paganism & Wicca, I’ve gone through a lot of changes, phases, and even tried on other paths for size. At given times I’ve identified as hippie, goth, Wiccan, just a witch, cottage witch, humanistic Pagan, polytheist, duo-theist, pantheist, chaos magician, and even Luciferian. I don’t know how anyone doesn’t experiment because Paganism and witchcraft offer so many choices. I know I’m not alone, because I read about others doing this all the time.

I don’t think I’ve ever completely abandoned any path, mindset, or subculture with which I identified at one time or another. There is a part of all that aforementioned list within me. I think I was drawn toward what is a part of me, otherwise I don’t think it would called to me in the first place.

So I will try to put less emphasis on any particular label. I think those who wrote me are right, I do still feel the pull of Wicca, but I am just not as drawn to formal ritual as I once was. I am drawn to herbs, essential oils, making homemade cleaning and health/body products, and infusing aspects of magick and witchcraft in our home. Small, spontaneous rituals and spells on a daily basis, making it more a part of everyday life, rather than setting aside an hour or so upon occasion only a few times a month.

I’m now going to move past this self definition exercise in this blog. The things I will write about will be aspects of various paths, with an eye toward how it applies to home life.

Thanks for reading!