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My Love/Hate of Witchcraft Graphics

5B8C37BB-67D6-4DA8-AC3D-A9FC42815406See that there in the upper left hand corner? I have a love/hate relationship with that kind of thing. My Flickr, Apple Photos, Google Photos, and all my other photo repositories are full of that kind of thing. Some are ridiculously maudlin, some are New Age fluff, some are deliciously goth, and some are purely witchcraft. Actually, the majority of them are witchcraft related. I would say that kind of stuff outnumbers my regular photos on a 2-1 basis.

I love that kind of art/photo/info graphic because it speaks to me about this terrific witchcraft path I’ve been on for 12 years. I like some of it because it highlights the hippie in me, and others appeal to my darker, gothic side.

There is no shortage of these images online. And if you are a Pagan, Wiccan, or witch, you’ve seem (and probably posted) more than your fair share of them.

There is, however, a downside to these images for me. My biggest problem with them is that they seem to have become a substitute for meaningful interactions. If I belong to a group, or follow a page on any social media outlet like Facebook or Google+, the feed is littered with this stuff. If I belong to more than one group, chances are I will see these images over and over. Twitter doesn’t get a pass here, but I do find that many who post these on Twitter use them to accompany a link to some kind of article or information.

Again, I enjoy these as much as anyone else, but if everyone is posting graphics for the sake of a quick like or +1, we aren’t doing a very good job in communicating with each other.

I think most people join Pagan/witchcraft groups because the vast majority of us are solitary practitioners. We don’t have easy access to others like a church congregation does, so we come together online. The problem is that we substitute these graphics in spaces that we could have some really decent discussions. I would rather read about how others incorporate their path into their daily life, and basically how they practice their spirituality. Graphics are fun, but a group page that is 80% graphics means we aren’t doing very well communicating with each other.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Blessed Be