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Witchcraft Sexuality

bdsm_symbol_tattoo_design_by_slipripzipd4tphb4This post may be a bit NSFW.

I read a lot of material on Paganism and witchcraft online. Most of what I read has to do with magick, spells, rituals, and how to be a witch. What I look for most is how people actually incorporate their Pagan & Craft paths into their everyday life. That’s what I try to do as much as possible with this blog.

Most people who come to these paths from other paths will tell you how it changed their lives. What rarely gets touched on is how it might have affected their sex life. I’ve gotten to know some witches as well as I can via the internet. We’ve had private conversations via the private channels of social media. I’ve become email pals with some witches.

We have had communications about sex. These are discussions about our lives people, not sex via the internet. Just in case you were thinking that. What I’ve found is that the sex life of most of the witches I’ve talked to about it changed in some way because of the path.

I’ve found that most people who are witches had a pretty active sex life before they became a witch. Witchcraft does set your inhibitions free to a great extent, but I think most witches were fairly uninhibited before they came to the path. I think that witchcraft empowered many to expand upon that sexually.

I will say that the concept of sex magick has often been the key that opened their sexual pandora’s box. If you are trying to manipulate energy in order to magically create a change, the energy created by sex and orgasms are very powerful avenues. This can be accomplished on your own, but two people working together can be ever so more powerful.

A couple of sexual practices most commonly channeled by witches seem to be tantric sex and adding elements of BDSM. Both of these practices are good at building & creating energy. Tantric sex is more of a slow build, and its’ power lies in that building of the energy. Here’s a good description of how tantric sex works.

BDSM, which I might have had to explain before 50 Shades of Grey, is more of what I describe as sparks of energy rather than a slow build toward it. Personally, I think that  the power of this type of energy is heightened when the female is the dominant person. Paganism & witchcraft are all about female empowerment, and having the female be the  the “top” is a visual, emotional, and mental example of that power.

Obviously, there are countless avenues of sexual expression by witches. The examples I’ve given were tied to sex magick, but obviously these and others can be practiced simply for the pleasure of the practitioners.

That’s about as dicey as I want to get on this blog. I just wanted to touch upon witchcraft and sexuality, because if you look at a lot of witchcraft blogs and pages, it sometimes seems that witches don’t have any interest in sex. And there’s no real reason not to talk about it. For gods sake, if 50 Shades of Grey can be a best seller and made into a movie (vanilla as it is), then I think we can discuss sexuality.

Blessed Be!

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When A Wife Knows Best

800acfa102aaec37479833fe4f16809aSo the other day, I kinda made the decision to move away from a hippie lifestyle, and replace it with with one that was more gothic in nature. I made some noise about being able to lessen depression by embracing a darker outlook, and this is not something with which I am unfamiliar. I’ve lived a goth-based path in the past, and it just seemed like I needed to revisit it.

Enter my wife. She happened to take a look at my Twitter on Saturday, and sauntered into the room I was in and her words were, as close as I remember, “What the fuck are you doing online? I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about, and gave her a look like, what? For the next ten minutes she expressed her concerns about, and this is in no particular order: changing my Craft name (she loves Patchouli Sky), adopting a darker outlook (“your outlook is dark enough without looking for more ways to make it dark”), changing blogs (she loves this one), and flip-flopping online (those people are going to think you are crazy).

Oh, there was more, but lets just skip the particulars. One of her major points was: “you love the goth decor, and some of the art, music, and practices, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all dark on me!” Then she went on about it being the bright time of the year, time to go out and ride my bike for hours every day, do stuff outside, play with the grandkids at the park, and just get out and enjoy nature.

Then there was the Cupid arrow through my heart. “I love the hippie you. I like you worrying about the earth, making homemade stuff, watching baseball games, and herb gardening with me all summer. I don’t want you to get in that darker frame of mind.”

Well shit. She knows me better than I know me, and she’s been observing the witch me for 12 years out of our 26 together. She has an objective opinion. As Jack Bauer would say, “Dammit!”

As a result of our discussion, and her convincing pitch, let me just say:

Never mind…….