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Wiccan Joy: Releasing Negativity

b56eca1462b26476ab3078e04ada6cd0There are a bunch of things floating around in my brain this morning, so I’ll try to focus on a couple. It’s been 10 days since I posted here. I’ve taken a bit of a break from the computer, and have focused on becoming more physically active. I’m here to tell you there is nothing better for one’s outlook than,, a. getting outside, b. exercising, c. getting away from the computer and the internet. Getting started is the biggest obstacle, but now I can’t wait to get out there this morning.

I’m working on my joy, my happiness, and quieting my mind. The past few days I’ve been thinking about what kind of spells I could do to aid my goals during the magically powerful time culminating with the full moon on Thursday.

I decided to focus on releasing negativity and the pain of the past. Negativity is the main category of several sub-groups, such as jealousy and envy. I’ve fallen into the trap of feeling envious of the good fortune of others, which has left me brooding, deflated, and very depressed.

But during several long runs, I’ve found some clarity. I decided that I was not embracing my Wiccan spirituality enough. As a witch, I have the power to create change, yet I wasn’t even trying to do so. In fact, this negativing was actually pushing me away from Wicca.

Also, I realized that the negativity that I was feeling was attracting more and more negativity. Misery loves company, and I was even seeking out thoughts and reasons to be negative about more and more things. Snowball effect.

So what to do? The first thing was to grab onto Wicca and hold on tight. Not only for the magick, but for the religious spirituality, and the faith in the God and Goddess. I know there are lots of witches who shun deities, and I get it. But for me, a belief in deity, even in the most abstract form, centers me, and gives me comfort. I tend to get too logical at times, and question deity. Ultimately this gives me no comfort, so why give into it?

Secondly, I need to release the negative thoughts. I need to release the pain, the past, the envy. So being a witch, I went looking for spells. I found a couple of spells that I plan to adjust to my situation, and perform them in these next several days. Those spells are here and here.

I think quite a few of us Wiccans and witches forget the power we have to create change for ourselves. I see many instances, on social media, of our kind asking for the energy and even prayers of others. While that can’t hurt, I think relying on our own power and energy is the ultimate goal.

I believe the goal of releasing negative and envious feelings, along with cementing my faith in this path I’ve been on for 12+ years, are two of the keys for joy.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment, or if you have any good spells or rituals pertaining to this, I’d love to take a look at them!

Blessed Be.