About Barefoot Witch

IMG_0312In 2003, I decided that after having left my birth religion 15 or so years before, I wanted some spirituality in my life. I was thinking Buddhism, mostly due to the relative lack of dogma. But in February of 2004, I stumbled into a Wiccan group on Yahoo. I met some great people, they directed me to websites and books, and I found a love for a path I hadn’t even really known existed months before. By April, I was performing rituals and trying my hand at magick. I’m sure the deities found those initial efforts humorous.

My path has evolved, twisted, turned, stopped, started up again, and I’ve adopted bits and pieces from all sorts of witchcraft and Pagan paths. As I’ve gotten older I’ve worked to live a simpler, more minimalistic lifestyle. I found myself doing less formal ritual and spell work. I also found myself in charge of the house, and began to incorporate ritual and magical workings into everyday activities here at home. I read up on green/kitchen/cottage witchcraft, and found a great appeal there for me.

In the past, I didn’t feel I could relax my reliance on formal ritual while remaining a Wiccan. That was a result of listening to the opinions of other people. I have since decided that is incorrect. While I am a cottage witch, I still consider myself a Wiccan.

I am a hippie type person, although I have some goth interests and practices. Our home itself reflects that duality. I’m married, have adult kids, and grandkids. I’m out of the closet as a Pagan, but don’t really advertise the witch part. I think those that care to look closely enough can figure it out, but mostly everyone is concerned with their own lives.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave comments!

Blessed Be!

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