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Autumn – A Time For Witches

Most of my online time is spent in the virtual presence of Pagans & witches. It’s funny, the couple times that I thought I had decided to leave this path, the next day I looked at my devices that are portals to the internet, and thought, “what will I do when I’m online?” I’m dug in deep, and paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft are simply who I am now.

I bring this up because it’s around this time of year, usually in mid August, that I start seeing lots of fall, autumn, pumpkin, and Halloween posts. Lots of them. On Facebook, most of my friends are not Pagan. I see a small smattering of these autumn posts from them, but nothing compared to what I see in the Pagan realm in which I immerse myself.

Part of this phenomenon is due to people getting tired of the dog days of summer. In the pagan world, especially in the witchcraft corner of that world, I think it’s something much more. I think that many of us in the witchcraft community “come alive” in autumn. I know I do. I think it is a much more magically charged time of the year.

Typically, my spiritual activity such as rituals or magick takes a nose-dive in mid to late summer. There is so much else going on in the summer, plus the heat does eventually take its’ toll. But I’m telling you, as soon as the calendar turns to September, it’s like a witchcraft switch is flicked on, and I become spiritually rejuvenated.

For a lot of us, it’s all about working towards Halloween or Samhain. While that is an important time for me as well, that’s not my end game, so to speak. Our home is a mixture of Moroccan bohemian and Addams Family decor. If I had to pick one word for it, I’d say mystical. Most people pull out their Halloween decor in October, but much of ours is out year round. We do have the kitschy stuff you buy at Target that we put out too just for Halloween, but the “good stuff” is out year round. I do, however, relish the thinning veil between the living & deceased at Samhain, and look forward to working rituals dealing with that phenomenon.

I do try to keep some perspective on looking forward to autumn. When you’re younger, it seems like you have all the time in the world, but as you get older, you come to realize that there are only so many summers, autumns, winters, and springs left. I try to stay mindful, and appreciate each season to it’s fullest.

But I do start my horror-movie-a-day on September 1st, so there’s that….

Thanks for reading!

Blessed Be

*Pictured above are a Peggy Karr Glass ornament, and a Jim Shore Heartwood Creek witch that stay out all year round!



Adult male Pagan, witch, and modern day hippie. I've been on the Craft path since February of 2004. For much of my life I was the picture of consumerism. Only after finding Wicca in my early 40's, did I realize that buying and having lots of stuff did not equate to happiness. So I, along with my wife, decided to live a simpler lifestyle. I opted to take a more casual and hands-on approach to a magickal life. Cottage witchery lets me infuse magick into everyday home life and activities. In our home, we have flipped the "normal" social roles, as I am in charge of household care & cooking. Previously, I didn't think I could remain a Wiccan while relaxing my physical rituals, but now, I see no problem with that whatsoever. Now, I try to use all natural and homemade cleaning products. I use essential oils and other simple ingredients to make body care products. We are suburban hippies, with a little witchcraft thrown in for good measure.

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