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Witchcraft Bonding

There is, I believe, a fairly large chasm, or perhaps disconnect, between the “experts” at certain, more commercial Pagan/witchcraft blogs, and those of us who do our best to chronicle our personal experiences & opinions. I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with blog warehouses such as Patheos Pagan portal. I have certainly learned a lot there, and found interesting ideas & concepts. On the other hand, I’ve felt a certain degree of condescension in the tone of some of the posts. The, “I know better than you, let me set you straight” kind of posts.

Contrast that with the everyday blogs I read by Pagans & witches struggling to be heard above the noise of a million blogs. We write about our experiences, our thoughts, ups & downs, and how we manage to continue practicing an much maligned path.

Speaking for myself, all my attempts are to write at readers, not down to anyone. I’m desperately trying to make a personal connection with other Pagans & witches who also struggle to balance a magical path with everyday life. Yes, I’ve read a crapload of books, and scour the internet & blogosphere for article about the Craft, but that doesn’t make me any kind of expert. Chances are you do the same thing. We all hope to learn something which we might not have been previously aware.

But mostly, I think the average writers & readers of blogs are simply trying to learn how others, who are on similar paths, intertwine Paganism & witchcraft into our daily lives. I want to tell you how I struggle to & manage to do it, and I want to know how you do it too. That’s why I love the comment section of blogs. On other social media sites we often “like” or perhaps, repost, or post links, but that is often the extent of the communication. In fact, recently there was an article regarding the fact that a great number of people don’t even read the articles of which they are sharing links.

You will never find me telling others how to lead their own paths here. To be honest, there was a time where I was somewhat of a witchcraft snob. I couldn’t fathom how people could combine say, Christianity and Paganism. It would drive me crazy. But when I let go of ego, I became enlightened. I understood that was how that person perceived and expressed their spirituality. For me to judge them, would be akin to people of other faiths, who believe only their path is the true path. And that is something I abhor.

I don’t read much of Patheos anymore. There are a few authors there that write beautifully, and I follow them on an individual basis. But mostly, I would rather read the writings of people like the ones who read or follow my blog. Everyday people, who found a path they love, and want to tell me about it. Please keep those coming!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your thoughts!

Blessings to you!



Adult male Pagan, witch, and modern day hippie. I've been on the Craft path since February of 2004. For much of my life I was the picture of consumerism. Only after finding Wicca in my early 40's, did I realize that buying and having lots of stuff did not equate to happiness. So I, along with my wife, decided to live a simpler lifestyle. I opted to take a more casual and hands-on approach to a magickal life. Cottage witchery lets me infuse magick into everyday home life and activities. In our home, we have flipped the "normal" social roles, as I am in charge of household care & cooking. Previously, I didn't think I could remain a Wiccan while relaxing my physical rituals, but now, I see no problem with that whatsoever. Now, I try to use all natural and homemade cleaning products. I use essential oils and other simple ingredients to make body care products. We are suburban hippies, with a little witchcraft thrown in for good measure.

6 thoughts on “Witchcraft Bonding

  1. One of the lovely things about your post was your willingness to admit that you too were once “somewhat of a witchcraft snob”. I love honesty in blogs, because we want to share our experiences of imperfection- a way to weave us together; to truly learn.

    Like many of us on this Spiritual Path, I have been a part of several different Trads, either in combo or “pure” form. And like many of us, I began to realize my need to allow my own bud of experiences to unfurl and flower, and that was when I found true beauty in the “Craft” (or whatever you want to call it). I think my public name “Zen Witch” was one born of rebellion; I don’t care what anyone says, there’s no one definition of “Zen” as there is of “Witch”. It gives me peace. It brings me down to earth.

    It reminds me to kick my shoes off and walk barefoot upon the earth. Kind of like the title of your blog 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the reading & commenting! My thinking is why bother writing a blog about a unique spiritual path such as witchcraft & not lay it all out there, the good & the bad. We’re all human with frailties. Plus it is really a cathartic exercise. Thanks for sharing your story too!

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  2. Great post! I was taught there are no ‘dogmas’ in Paganism, so as such there are no real ‘experts’. (I know not everyone agrees with that.) I like to simply practice my craft, connect to earth and animals, and set aside time for deities/ meditation, etc. 🙂

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  3. Very articulate post! I think one thing that almost turned me away from Witchcraft is running into people who would almost “talk down” to me as if they were the teacher and I was the student. I’ve now learned that the only ones I allow to be my teacher…are the ones I allow! One path might work for one witch, but not the other. The thing I love about Wicca the most is that there is freedom to follow your own path, listen to the spirits and guides working with you, and pay attention to the things that are resonating with you. It’s how you find your truth. But to have people try and categorize Witchcraft, put it in neat little boxes and say “This is the Way. That is not,” smells so much like what I escaped in Christianity and I don’t think it’s appropriate.


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