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No Apologies For My Blessed Be’s

1205091004585117-blessed_be_goddessBlessed Be. Merry meet. Blessings to you. Merry part. Those are some phrases I find myself writing increasingly often. Obviously, before I became a Wiccan a dozen years ago, I had never written them. I used those phrases quite often in the first 5-6 years of my practice but after that, I seemed to stop using them.

When I ponder why that was, I think it probably had something to do with the growing anti-Wiccan sentiment among many in the witchcraft community. I still see that today. Some witches will go out of their way to say they “are NOT Wiccan!” or simply bash the path as “fluffy.” For some time that bothered the hell out of me. In fact that, coupled with curiosity, led me to explore alternate Craft paths. Yet I always came back to Wicca.

What’s interesting about many of those witches who are NOT Wiccan! is that when they describe their practices, their spell work, their rituals, and how they live their path, it sure sounds a lot like Wicca. They may not cast a circle, or claim not to believe in the few tenants of Wicca, but overall much of their practice is often Wiccan based.

Obviously, there are many witches whose practice is completely different than Wicca. I see instances of that all the time. But what’s interesting is those are the people who are not taking time to belittle the Wiccan path.

I’m not quite sure what motivates a person to disparage another person’s path. I think some of it may be due to the fact that many new to Paganism and witchcraft enter via Wicca, simply due to the availability of information. Scott Cunningham has welcomed perhaps most of us to witchcraft. Newbies seem to really bother some people, but sometimes people forget their own learning curve. And yes, some people will read one book, or look at a few websites and declare themselves to be Wiccan. But I think that probably happens in many witchcraft paths.

Blessed Be, Merry Meet, Merry Part, are not-quite-archaic-but-kinda pleasantries. They are a nice way to greet or well wish other Pagans, witches, etc. They are one of the first things many latch onto when they begin their Pagan paths, but are often discarded later on. As I envelop myself deeper and deeper in Wicca and cottage witchery, I seem to have this need to embrace more of the niceties of these paths. I find myself emotionally pulling away from the witch wars, Pagan controversies, and negativity that seems to seep into every facet of our lives these days.

I’ve noticed that I have lost most of my interest in the day to day political crap that is thrown at us from every front. While I realize that Paganism and Wicca isn’t all light and happiness, I’m finding the need to lean that way. Perhaps it’s my age, getting older, less interested in the day to day combat that many care to wage. Whatever the reason, it seems to be making me a better person, especially toward others. That seems to be a wonderful take-away from being on this earthen spiritual path.

So…. Blessed Be!





Adult male Pagan, witch, and modern day hippie. I've been on the Craft path since February of 2004. For much of my life I was the picture of consumerism. Only after finding Wicca in my early 40's, did I realize that buying and having lots of stuff did not equate to happiness. So I, along with my wife, decided to live a simpler lifestyle. I opted to take a more casual and hands-on approach to a magickal life. Cottage witchery lets me infuse magick into everyday home life and activities. In our home, we have flipped the "normal" social roles, as I am in charge of household care & cooking. Previously, I didn't think I could remain a Wiccan while relaxing my physical rituals, but now, I see no problem with that whatsoever. Now, I try to use all natural and homemade cleaning products. I use essential oils and other simple ingredients to make body care products. We are suburban hippies, with a little witchcraft thrown in for good measure.

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