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When A Wife Knows Best

800acfa102aaec37479833fe4f16809aSo the other day, I kinda made the decision to move away from a hippie lifestyle, and replace it with with one that was more gothic in nature. I made some noise about being able to lessen depression by embracing a darker outlook, and this is not something with which I am unfamiliar. I’ve lived a goth-based path in the past, and it just seemed like I needed to revisit it.

Enter my wife. She happened to take a look at my Twitter on Saturday, and sauntered into the room I was in and her words were, as close as I remember, “What the fuck are you doing online? I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about, and gave her a look like, what? For the next ten minutes she expressed her concerns about, and this is in no particular order: changing my Craft name (she loves Patchouli Sky), adopting a darker outlook (“your outlook is dark enough without looking for more ways to make it dark”), changing blogs (she loves this one), and flip-flopping online (those people are going to think you are crazy).

Oh, there was more, but lets just skip the particulars. One of her major points was: “you love the goth decor, and some of the art, music, and practices, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all dark on me!” Then she went on about it being the bright time of the year, time to go out and ride my bike for hours every day, do stuff outside, play with the grandkids at the park, and just get out and enjoy nature.

Then there was the Cupid arrow through my heart. “I love the hippie you. I like you worrying about the earth, making homemade stuff, watching baseball games, and herb gardening with me all summer. I don’t want you to get in that darker frame of mind.”

Well shit. She knows me better than I know me, and she’s been observing the witch me for 12 years out of our 26 together. She has an objective opinion. As Jack Bauer would say, “Dammit!”

As a result of our discussion, and her convincing pitch, let me just say:

Never mind…….




Adult male Pagan, witch, and modern day hippie. I've been on the Craft path since February of 2004. For much of my life I was the picture of consumerism. Only after finding Wicca in my early 40's, did I realize that buying and having lots of stuff did not equate to happiness. So I, along with my wife, decided to live a simpler lifestyle. I opted to take a more casual and hands-on approach to a magickal life. Cottage witchery lets me infuse magick into everyday home life and activities. In our home, we have flipped the "normal" social roles, as I am in charge of household care & cooking. Previously, I didn't think I could remain a Wiccan while relaxing my physical rituals, but now, I see no problem with that whatsoever. Now, I try to use all natural and homemade cleaning products. I use essential oils and other simple ingredients to make body care products. We are suburban hippies, with a little witchcraft thrown in for good measure.

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