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Cottage Witchcraft Evolution

IKwc3wE1vflCz6k5q9HlqOifZ0BD9MEV7n-aj9GZhcGFl14HkLgI762WWcWCEQ1MFFWtEImD87x6PACberZ5-Zmq3r9NAIvE29Hdl7eG6oVJ3cl_LigVEsk5eOLJ2MUAMN1lFfMRRUZoSpzcMn3tldz-EzTPBeX4_zzxNHIkuIg2sYxSDIBh2H2COviGhzRojI99u9a6WwK29sA82pfEAWGMIPRZOLtlcOver the last 5 or so years, our social life has had a dramatic change. For a good chunk of our lives, we lived a very social life. Vacations with friends, house parties, pool parties, taverns, bars, and other social events heavily dotted our calendar. As we’ve all gotten older, and tip-toed over that half-century mark, those events have largely gone by the wayside. Age plays a big part, as does our children having children, the economy, and a lack of desire and fortitude to party like we once did. So while our Facebook pages may indicate a large number of “friends,” we now largely stay home. It has been an adjustment, not always easy at times.

Obviously, our home has become more important to us. A year or so ago, I started exploring cottage witchcraft. Some might also call it hearth, kitchen, or even green witchcraft. Because I spend so much time at home, and since I am in charge of the house, I thought it might be appropriate to have a shift in my Craft practice from Wicca to a more relaxed, less formal practice, centering around the house and kitchen. Truth be known, I have been moving away from the formality of Wicca for some time.

Up till now, I’ve been see-sawing back and forth, from cottage witch practices, while trying to do some degree of formal Wiccan rituals. It’s become something of a burden, vacillating mentally back and forth each day, trying to decide which way my path is going. So in order to alleviate that stress, I’ve made the decision to make a permanent move to a cottage witchcraft path.

I know that you can take the boy out of Wicca, but you can’t take the Wicca out of the boy. After 12 years, Wicca has become a permanent part of who I am. So I realize that whatever small rituals I may do, the type of magick or spells I may use, will be flavored by my Wiccan roots. However, there comes a time when one’s actual Craft practice stretches the definition of Wicca too far, and doesn’t really reflect a standard Wiccan practice.

Anyone who has read my Twitter posts, and my now defunct blogs, knows I have some depression and anxiety issues. I firmly believe that throwing all my mental and physical efforts into cottage witchery, rather than trying to juggle several paths will be a calming and beneficial influence.

As I was thinking about this new phase in my magickal life last night, it occurred to me that there is so much more magick I could infuse into my daily home life. I, like a lot of people, spend too much time behind a screen. I love social media and learning new things, but it does take time away from household chores. In looking around our house last night, I realize that I’ve let a lot of things slide over the past few years. I also realized that I don’t necessarily fully appreciate what we have here.

So I have pledged to myself to spend more time giving our home some magickal loving care. Using that time to make my own cleaning products infused with herbs, oils, and magickal intent. Using that time to rediscover why we have the things we do, and why we loved them enough to acquire them. I think this will result in a healthier, happier environment for a space that we now spend so much time enjoying.

I’m very excited about this next witchcraft step. I think this will give me lots of fodder for things to write about on this blog. This is practical application of magick and witchcraft, and I think that is something which others on the path would like to read.



Adult male Pagan, witch, and modern day hippie. I've been on the Craft path since February of 2004. For much of my life I was the picture of consumerism. Only after finding Wicca in my early 40's, did I realize that buying and having lots of stuff did not equate to happiness. So I, along with my wife, decided to live a simpler lifestyle. I opted to take a more casual and hands-on approach to a magickal life. Cottage witchery lets me infuse magick into everyday home life and activities. In our home, we have flipped the "normal" social roles, as I am in charge of household care & cooking. Previously, I didn't think I could remain a Wiccan while relaxing my physical rituals, but now, I see no problem with that whatsoever. Now, I try to use all natural and homemade cleaning products. I use essential oils and other simple ingredients to make body care products. We are suburban hippies, with a little witchcraft thrown in for good measure.

2 thoughts on “Cottage Witchcraft Evolution

  1. I recently passed the half century mark as well, and yes have been focussing more on hearth and home. I love my house and although I work full time, I can’t wait to come home andcsettle in and work on some magic. I am currently into herbal remedies and last year had an herb garden. Great idea making your own cleaning products!!


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